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All Are Guilty

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Join the club! All have fallen short of the perfection that God desires. All have sinned, all are worthy of death.

“All” means the entire human race, no special classes of people are exempt. Rich, poor – guilty. Male, female – guilty. Black, white – guilty. Young, old – guilty.

There is no category of human beings in the world today or in past history who have not broken God’s commandments. If we try to deny that reality, God tells us that we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth. That’s a nice way to say that we are guilty of lying if we think we are not guilty!

Christianity is seen by some as intolerant or judgmental or unloving because God exposes sin as a reality that cannot be explained away or legislated away. But, the fact is that mankind has always been at odds with God starting with Adam and Eve and all their descendants which includes us. God’s Word is perfect and therefore never changes. Many have decided to challenge many of the sins listed in the Bible.

That’s another way of saying that the Bible is not perfect, that it is subject to improvement. It also opens the door to deciding that we are smarter than God. His Word does not measure up to human standards of right and wrong. That is a dangerous place to be.

Imagine that there is a chain link between heaven and earth. In order to be worthy of heaven, not one link in that chain can be broken.

Heaven is a place of perfection therefore no one will be judged to be worthy of heaven if even the least sin is committed or any link in that chain is broken.

That’s a pretty high standard isn’t it? In fact, it is impossible for anyone to keep the law and claim that they have never been guilty of sin.

You are guilty and so am I and so is every person who has ever lived except Jesus Christ. So how do we remove this guilt?

Take a look at our message titled “Are You Ready for Heaven?”. The Answer is Jesus Christ. Simply admit the truth to God and ask for forgiveness, those sins will be washed away, those missing links will be restored. You will no longer be guilty in God’s eyes because Christ has taken that guilt upon Himself on the cross. Believe it today and be saved from sin!

Believe in your good works and you can never justify yourself (you will never be perfect). Believe in Christ’s perfect works and you will be saved (considered perfect or forgiven by God – Not Guilty!).

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