The Message

Bernhard Langer

We overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. Revelations 12:11.

What is your testimony? If you have not simply placed your faith in Jesus like a little child, you can do that now.

God has given all of us free will so that we might choose voluntarily to place ourselves at the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness.

Bernard is a professional golfer (won the Masters in 1985) who like many of us wrestled with God. His testimony is a very clear 6:44 video helping us to know Jesus as our Savior. What does it mean to be born again? Let Bernard explain his experience in searching for the Truth and a simple prayer for salvation.

A comment on the video from one of Bernhard’s fans:

Bernhard I have always heard your testimony in all of your victory speeches after a major. As a born again Christian I have been so encouraged by your witness to Christ in your life. This is a beautiful video to see and praying for many to come to Christ through this. Amen to you both

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