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Descent into Anarchy

Descent into Anarchy
At the root of understanding anarchy is PRIDE. The rejection of God and the authority established by God is at the heart of anarchy. Central to the chaos of anarchy is the exaltation of personal freedom to do whatever I please without consequences. Licentiousness is license to sin and the abolition of laws so that any behavior is no longer illegal. If one believed that human beings were inherently good, that makes sense. We would all do our thing and enjoy life without restraint.
But, the truth is that we are born sinners with a natural desire to be selfish and left without consequences for misbehavior, we self destruct.
We must have laws, commandments and punishment for sinful behavior to have order and harmony. Without God in charge, we become our own gods and that actually brings us back to the original sin of our first parents Adam and Eve who rebelled against God by seeking to be like God. They believed the lie that God was not trustworthy, not worth obeying and insufficient.
Freedom without control = Anarchy. Satan sold the lie that absolute freedom from God would make life so much better that they ate the fruit. They wanted to live in a world without God. Anarchy was built into the nature of human beings in the beginning. It is like a cancer that starts out small but left unattended will kill. That cancer is threatening Western Civilization today.
1. Traffic Control – We can drive our cars wherever we please, that is freedom. But without the controls of lights, stop signs and speed limits, freedom is lost
when the car crashes.
2. Orchestra – The many different instruments in an orchestra are beautiful in themselves but they must be surrendered to the direction of the conductor.
Musicians not on the same page become a noisy clash of irritating sounds. Music becomes a mishmash.
3. Air Traffic – Pilots meticulously follow the Air Traffic Controller or risk the loss of the plane and passengers. Freedom is not an absolute, Freedom to travel safely
must come from those who adhere to strict rules.
Who is running your life? Do you seek freedom to live your life “My Way” or “God’s Way”? If you are running your own life, you can change  – repentance is changing your mind – you have free will. God welcomes you to bring your life under His divine control. The answer to true freedom is HUMILITY not PRIDE.
The story of anarchy runs through the entire Bible. The Book of Judges is one story after another of life lived without God’s control. God used all 21 chapters in Judges to teach us the Anarchy lesson.
In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit. Judges 21:25
Who is your king?
In End Times, the Anti-Christ will appear telling people just what Adam and Eve heard. He will be a man of lawlessness. He will sweet talk the concept of freedom to a world that thinks that Christ is the enemy of freedom. He will promise them freedom while he himself is a slave to depravity and will lead his followers into slavery. 2 Peter 2:19
Jesus Christ belongs in charge of our lives. He is God. He died to give us true freedom – freedom FROM sin not freedom TO sin.
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Galatians 5:1

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