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Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or Hell?
“This is the most beautiful message on heaven I have ever heard. Amen and thank you for all you’ve done for us!!!”
YouTube comment on the Message delivered below by Dr. David Jeremiah
How old are you? Young or old, your life is a blip compared to eternity. We spend so much time in this life concerned about our retirement which will likely be around 20 years or so assuming we retire at 65 and live two or three decades. How much time do we spend on our ultimate true retirement?  We will spend forever in one of two places – heaven or hell. If we are wise, we will invest in the future that will never end and insure that our spiritual future is secure. The 39 minutes you take to listen to Dr. David Jeremiah would be wise indeed. Consider his words carefully. Think about your future as more important than the past or the present. Your soul is at stake.
According to Pew Research, 2 out of 3 believe in the existence of heaven and hell. One out of three believes in annihilation or they are so busy with this life that it has erased all thought of the next one. Annihilation is a lie. We will not simply die and cease to exist. We will instead be standing before God to be accepted into heaven or turned away into hell. Dr. Jeremiah’s true story of how a couple realized
the enormity of this most dramatic moment is so clear, so compelling. You want to make sure that you will find God’s acceptance then. We will be judged. We will be sent to one of two places. The decision that God renders then will be determined by the decisions that we render here on earth. You and I will choose now and God will reveal our choice then.
How have you chosen? On what basis do you think God would accept you into heaven? Please do not make a mistake about this. You will not be able to have a change of mind later if you don’t get this correct before you die. God wants you to have peace about heaven. Do you have peace? Are you secure about your spiritual retirement? Christ died to give you total forgiveness and acceptance into heaven.

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