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Who’s in Charge of Your Life?

Who is in the driver’s seat of your life? You can run your life,of course, and most people are deeply passionate about that. It’s my life, my body, my future, don’t tell me what to do.

God has given us free will to make that decision if we want to. However, we may not like the consequences which often are reflected in our feelings.

A sign that God is not in control often is a lack of peace. Anxiety, depression and anger are like red lights on the dashboard of life that tell us we need to pull over and make an adjustment. On the other hand, if we are enjoying a strong sense of peace, it can be a good sign that God is in control.

When the Bible uses the word “fruits”, we see many emotions in that term. For example, the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

There is that word “control”! Who is in charge? Galatians 5 describes two different hearts – one is very agitated and discontent. The other is producing good fruit.

Humility is recognizing that God is smarter than us and giving Him control. How’s that working out for you? How’s that working out for our nation?

Please listen to the short but powerful message below from Reverend Tony Cooke and let God speak to your heart. In only 22 minutes (message starts at 25:00), he will give you a very clear way to bring the blessing of peace into your life.

He tells us that Christians are going to face the same adversity as non-Christians, but our response to life should produce different results. Do you want a peace that is not dependent on other people and not tied to your circumstances? That is priceless because it can only come from God. It is a gift but we must surrender control of our lives to let God come in where He belongs and manage our life.

If you are a Christian, you have peace with God that comes from salvation. But, as Tony explains, that is different from the peace of God that comes into our life experiences.

As for anyone who is not saved, God wants to bring peace to every single person! Please listen to Tony and consider what God may desire for your life. He loves you!

This message is for everyone. For more resources from Tony visit

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