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The Cult of Scientology

Scientology falls under the umbrella of Syncretism which we reviewed in a previous message. There are not many spokes in a wheel that all lead to God. Many religions claim to represent God but do not. If a religion teaches a “truth” that directly contradicts the Bible, both cannot be true at the same time. 2+2 cannot equal any other number but 4. Christianity is built on the Truth that Jesus Christ is God and no one can reach heaven except through His forgiveness freely given at the cross. Salvation is a GIFT not a reward for human effort or religious performance. God’s love cannot be earned by being good enough. God’s love is undeserved, unmerited and unconditional. All other religions require human effort (conditions) to satisfy God. The problem is that no human effort whatsoever will ever be sufficient. Only Christ is good, only Christ is sufficient, only Christ is worthy. We receive that righteousness of Christ by abandoning self and trusting in Christ for everything we need to please God the Father. No one will be declared righteous in the sight of God by keeping the law (Romans 3:20). Only Christ kept the law. Christians are not guilty of breaking the law because the law was fulfilled for us by the Lamb of God sacrificed for our sins, past, present and future. Christ sets us free from condemnation (Romans 8:1). We cannot add anything to His Perfect Sacrifice. Christ paid the Full Price once and for all (Hebrews 7:27).

Scientology is a set of beliefs originated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952. The system is a product of Dianetics, a self-help program, heavily advertised for many years as the central writings of this religion. Scientology is in every sense of the word a cult. Human wisdom is elevated above the Word of God. Human leadership is exalted to a status above God. Teachings are contradictory to the Bible in countless ways. Belief in this system will expose a believer to mind altering experiences which are simply dangerous. Scientology is one of the most controversial religions to arrive in recent years and rightfully so. Teachings include faith in reincarnation and karma, concepts directly opposed to Christianity.

Dianetics uses a counseling technique called auditing to enable conscious recall of traumatic events in an individual’s past. The system is a form of psychotherapy. Suffice it to say that Scientology is not recognized by the medical community as a valid medical practice. Anyone involved in this group is strongly exhorted to escape immediately. There are so many complications, so many historical events that surround this false religion that further research is strongly encouraged if one is still in doubt about the above exhortations.

Is Scientology Christian or a cult? An excellent answer is provided by Got Questions.

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