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The Reality of Hell

There are many explanations for the reality of hell including complete denial (one out of three are in this category). A Pew Research study in 2021 found that 62% of Americans believed in hell.

The discussion on hell, of course, must begin with God and the character of God. Atheists probably make up most of the 32% who do not believe it exists. But, what about the rest of us? We all do not want to go there.

God did create hell and He will sustain hell for eternity. How does that reflect on His character? Is God at fault in any way over its existence.

Much of what is preached and taught in the Word of God concerns salvation. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Does that mean the whole world will be saved from hell?

That cannot possibly be true if the Bible is true. Jesus saves us from hell. If it did not exist, we would not need salvation. The biblical fact is that the entire world will fall into two categories – saved and unsaved.

Saved are those who have received forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus Christ while those who do not remain in sin that is unforgiven. Read Matthew 25 and see the teaching by Jesus on the reality of hell.

God operates on two levels – justice and mercy. Justice requires payment for sins that break God’s righteous standards. No sin whatsoever will be allowed in heaven. So, if anyone is found in sin, hell requires payment with the reality of hell. All that said, Jesus Christ paid for all of our sins for all time through the perfect sacrifice of the cross. God exercised justice by making Christ pay for our sins. In doing so, we received not justice but mercy through faith in Christ.

Mercy gives what is not deserved while justice gives what is deserved. Which one would you choose? All of us will make that choice. Look at John 3:36, notice the choice that Jesus declares all will make regarding

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.

Whoever is an invitation to the entire world without any favoritism, any human being is a “whoever” (including atheists). “Believes” is the act of faith in what “the Son” has done on the cross on our behalf. Whoever rejects the Son are those who do not believe in God’s mercy therefore they remain under God’s justice. Question: Do you want God to give you what you deserve or what you do not deserve? Do you want God to be fair and just toward you or merciful? Do you think you can possibly pay for your sins on your own or do you want to rely on Christ’s payment for you? Are you living in denial on the topic of hell?

Is there anything more important than knowing you are eternally secure in Christ and mercifully bound for heaven? Please share this message as God may lead you with anyone who needs to know God’s plan of salvation from hell.

Listen to the following message by Charlie Campbell (starts at 28:20):

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