The Message

Merry Christmas!

Somehow, the greeting “Merry Christmas” began to fade from the Christmas conversation several years ago. Now, there is a wavering about using the term Christmas at all. Some like “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” or some just want to call it a “Winter Holiday” or another December holiday. There are some very interesting facts concerning the History of Christmas at

The truth is that the vast majority miss the true meaning of Christmas. John MacArthur gives six reasons why in his excellent article titled “Why Do So Many People Miss the Real Meaning of Christmas?”

As you go through the next two months, you will interact with many family and friends. They perhaps need help to appreciate the awesomeness of that day. Christ who is God came into this earth as a baby to save the entire world from their sins. Jesus means “Savior”. Christmas is the centerpiece of human history. Even our calendar is BC and AD before and after Christ. The Incarnation is Divine Intervention.

Our Creator joined His creation to make us fit for heaven. It is the most significant RESCUE ever imagined. Much like Seal Team Six coming to save helpless victims from death, Christ has come to deliver us all from evil and snatch us out of the grip of sin and death. Christmas is a matter of life and death! We must choose to be rescued. We must choose Christ.

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Merry Christmas!