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4 Kinds of People

How does God view people and how does He view you? The answers are revealed in the Bible in Romans 8.

Romans 8 is like a mirror. We need to look at it and ask God to show us ourselves so we can see ourselves correctly.

Far too many people go through life not even knowing their true standing with God. This is so unnecessary. God wants us to see the truth so we can have understanding of who we are and what our future will be. Are there more important questions in life?

We would never get into a car or a plane and not know where we are going or why we are going there. And yet, many go through life not knowing that they were created by God and not knowing where they are going.

In the video below Pastor Jack teaches on Romans 8 and describes 4 kinds of people. We all need to see which one we are and take action if necessary.

Our eternity depends on getting this correct.

Type 1 – this group is not interested in God at all and have no desire to pursue anything beyond this life. Obviously, atheists belong here as well as people who care not about spiritual matters.

This world is all that matters, no value is placed on any life after this life. Romans 8 describes these folks as walking only in the flesh.

Type 2 – this group is in Christ and know that they are headed for heaven. The same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will also raise their mortal bodies to immortality

This group has peace with God based on the finished work of Christ and the belief that God will complete the work that He began in justification.

Type 3 – this group is in Christ but have doubts about their eternal security because they see their future depending on their own ability to stay right with God. There is doubt and insecurity.

However, all of that is unnecessary because the Truth of God’s Word has not yet set them free to enjoy living as a Type 2. They are headed for heaven but do not have the full peace that God desires for them.

Type 4 – this group thinks they are in Christ but they are not. These are the people who believe that they are good enough for God by their good works apart from Christ. Their justification is self dependent not Christ dependent. Theses are the folks to whom Jesus said “I don’t know you” (Mathew 25:12, Luke 13:27). This group is living under the law and not under grace. Again, it is imperative to understand what true justification is.

The Bible is so deep and so true that it deserves our study. We need to understand the things of God if we want to be with God forever. Do you know that you are spirit, soul and body and that all three parts are created by God for His purposes? His plans for you are exceedingly and abundantly wonderful. His plans are to prosper you and give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). But, all of that depends on our response to God’s plan for our justification. We need to look in the mirror and ask the Holy Spirit what to do about what we see. Listening to Jack’s message is a good way to start!

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