The Message

Reawaken America

For 45 years, Dr. James Dobson has faithfully stood for God’s Word to prevail in the lives of Americans.

His letter below is a reminder of the urgency of our times. What can we do? Let’s start by asking God to help us share the Gospel as best and as much as we can every day. We are called to be Salt and Light in a dying, dark world.

All of this is not in any way surprising to God. We are in the End Times. We are here for a reason.

If you do not consider yourself a Christian, please listen to the message “Forgiven Forever” by Erwin Lutzer (Next Steps).

What we have been given is full pardon for all of our sins forever. God has chosen to bless exceedingly and abundantly all who place their faith in His Perfect Sacrifice on the Cross. This crisis we face is not Republican or Democrat, it is saved or not saved.

There is an End to the End Times, there will be a Day of Reckoning, all of this is on God’s time clock. The time between now and the End is time for people to reconcile with God before it is too late. God’s patience is giving us time for repentance and change and reawakening.

Watching America head for a cliff is quite alarming. As we read the letter below, Dr. Dobson quotes the American Presidents from Washington to the present day.

They were the leaders responsible for the nation. They often sounded the alarm and courageously used their power to honor God as best as they could.

They were humble in their understanding that America was great because America was good. How do we become good? One saved soul at a time.

Reawakening must include repentance and reconciliation. Will this happen on a mass scale or will it happen at the grass roots one by one?

All of that is up to God. Until then, we are called by God to “Make the Great Commission Our Daily Mission”.

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